Monday, November 30, 2009

Pregnacy #4

Okay, the only reason I am posting this picture is because I promised Steph that if she did then I would and she held up her end of the my mom has been begging, so here you go! Keep in mind I am having this baby in one week from today.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ellie turns 4!

Ellie turned 4 September 24th and had been wanting to go to Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday for over 6 months, so thats what we did. She was able to celebrate her birthday at school earlier in the day and then we picked Dad up from work and headed to Chuck E. Cheese. I was pleasantly surprised at how clean this one was and the pizza was not that bad either (I think they changed it). Here she is with the remote control car that Grandpa and Grandma Gladwell gave her.

Just enjoying a little stroll on the Merry Go Round.
Here she is blowing out her candles. She wanted a white cake with pink frosting and it looked okay before we got there and then Mya stepped on it (on accident). Thankfully it had seran wrap on it and was able to still be eaten.

Daddy getting in on the fun.
After playing all of our tokens and picking out their fun prizes, we headed home and waiting there was a big package from the Shaws, Grandma Mick and Grandpa George so she got to open even more presents. She was super excited.
Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful gifts you sent. She loved all of them!

Ellie's first day of Pre-K

Ellie started Pre-K this year. She goes from 8:30 in the morning until 1:45 in the afternoon. She eats lunch at school and everything. She absolutely loves it and is doing very very well. I cannot believe how much Miss Randi and Mr. Kevin have already taught her. They told me the other day that she just smiles all day long. Here she is on her first day.
Here she is putting her backpack on her hook.
We found her spot on her table and left shortly after because I was getting a little emotional about all of it.
We just love this little girl!!