Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hopes first day of school.

It was Hopes first day of school today. She is going into 3rd grade and her teacher is Ms. Estes. Tweeb and I cannot believe that she is old enough to be in 3rd grade. She is growing up sooo fast. She wanted her hair curly this morning and I think she looked so cute. Here she is outside right before we took her to school. School started at 8:35 but the doors opened at 8:15. There was a HUGE line but the PTO was serving juice and donut holes to everyone while they waited. Here is Hopey waiting to go in.
We were able to take Hope to her classroom. Her teacher seems super nice, so we are all excited about the upcoming year. Here she is at her new desk. It was a full day today and I miss her being home already!

Mammoth Caves

We went to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky as an end of the summer outing a couple weekends ago. It was just a day trip but it was quite fun. When we got there we went and got our tickets for our tour and then went on a picnic. While we were eating two deer came right up to us. They were about 6 feet away was all. It was pretty funny because as soon as we saw the first one we also heard the van door close (Hope decided that they were a little to close for her liking).
After our picnic we went and got in line for our tour. We were going to see one of the biggest caves there. The Mammoth Caves are actually the largest cave system in the world...I believe there are around 367 miles of caves that have been explored so far.

The cave was HUGE and really cool. The girls loved it and did such a good job hiking. Mya was such a trooper, it was all up hill to get back and she INSISTED upon walking. She also had to stop at every light and pretend to scan her ticket. Here the family is after the 2 hour tour.

Birthday Party!

For my 29th birthday, my friends took me to The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate. It was alot of fun, as is any night when you go out with just girl friends. Thanks guys!!