Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Braydan!

Happy 30th Birthday Uncle Braydan!!
We hope that you have a wonderful day and an awesome time at your Birthday Party. We wish we could be there. We love and miss you!! Love, The Gladwells
p.s. Mya would not cooperate....sorry!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Space Update!

Tweeb just put a new song on his My Space so check it out and leave some feedback. It is called Bedtime Stories. You can click on the link over at the right of my blog to get there.

Girls Night Out!

My friends and I get together once a month for girls night and so last night we went to the movie Bride Wars. It was really cute, I liked it and would go again. This is not the best picture but it will do.

From left: Teresa, Me, Annie, Jill, Katie and Carrie. Missing from picture: Zandra (she got there a little later)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My trip to Utah!!

Me, Brittnie, Mom and Misty
The Story....My Mom and my sister Misty flew me out to Utah to surprise my little sister Brittnie for her baby shower. We all kept it a secret and the only ones that knew were my Mom, Misty and Myself (well of course Tweeb and the girls). As soon as I flew in my Mom picked me up at the airport and we went to surprise Karen (Tweebs Mom) at her work. We then went to Brookes house (Tweebs youngest sister) she had a new baby boy since I had seen her last. He is soooo cute and I am really sad that I did not get a picture on my camera of him. Next we headed to Salina and stopped to surprise my Dad. We finally got to Misty's house. Britt, CJ (Britts husband) and my Grandma were Misty made them go into her bedroom and told her that she and my Mom had a present for her but they wanted her to open it because they needed it for the shower (which was the next day). She explained how she wanted to at least put a bow on it before she saw it (hence hiding in the bedroom). They really did put a big pink bow on me. She was extremely surprised and overwhelmed. I think this picture says it all. She is going to kill me for putting it on here. She had the best reaction out of everybody (my friend Tanya was a very close second) and my Grandma even cried (that only happens on rare occasions). On Sunday I was able to go see Cammy (Tweebs oldest sister) and my friend Jami too. It was soooo much fun to fly in for the weekend (I think everyone was pretty surprised). Saturday we had the Baby Shower and then we went to El Mexicano (which I have been craving since I left) for dinner with a bunch of friends. It was so fun to see everybody and we all got laughing so hard . When we left to go home my cheeks were hurting. Thanks to all of you that came!!!
This is Britt opening presents at the Baby Shower. She is seriously the cutest pregnant person I have ever seen. I could not quit rubbing her cute little belly.
Friends at El Mexicano
Back Row: Heather Hallows, Stephanie Berg, Sandi Mason, Tanya Halliday, Roshel Horne, Bree Bastian, Amy Rosquist. Front Row: Misty, Brittnie and Myself. Missing from photo: My Mom, Leslie Nelson, Diana May and Kayla Nelson.
Here are just some random pictures......
This is my niece Ainsley and you can kind of see Addison peeking around the corner. They were even excited to see me! They were being so cute. Ainsley kept holding my hand wherever we went and then they both told me they didn't want me to sweet are they?

Me and my Mom...I just love her sooo much!
Thank You Mom and Misty!
I had a blast in Utah! I love you guys. I do not know what I would do with out you. I am so blessed to have people in my life like you!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!

All three girls made it!! Here they are drinking their sparkling grape juice. We started a new tradition a couple of years ago (when it seemed like it was more of hassle than anything to get together with friends and all the kids). We eat Chinese food, watch a movie with yummy snacks and then watch the ball drop. The girls did so good and by the time they all calmed down they did not go to sleep until 1:00. They slept in until almost 11:00 the next morning so it wasn't to bad.
Hope took a picture of Tweeb and I, I think we look more tired than the girls do.
We have lots of New Years revolutions and some of mine are...
1. To read the Book of Mormon
2. To lose 100 pounds (I am not kidding about this, I am going to post it on the side of my blog and everything. I figure if I know people are going to see it then I can stay motivated). Don't worry I am going to do it the good old fashioned way ( eating right, exercising and cutting out all pop).
3. To have more patience.