Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Big Boy!

"You want some of this" I know thats what he is saying to me and yes, yes I do. How can I resist those chubby little cheeks. He is growing so quickly and is such a happy baby. We just LOVE him to pieces.

Hair Cuts

The story: In January Ellie cut her own hair, she cut a big piece right at the crown of her head and it ended up being about an inch long. I was able to disquise it by pulling her hair in a pony tail. As most of you know, this poor girl is barely getting hair so I was upset to say the least. Well, not to long later Mya had her hair in piggies and cut them off then she proceeded to cut Ellies hair as well....twice! Then Ellie fell asleep with gum in her hair and I had to cut it out. The poor thing had 4 different lengths of hair, I HAD to take her to get it professionally taken care of (I was able to fix Myas). When Hope knew that we were going to get Ellies hair cut she wanted to get hers done too. So off we went.
Ellie before, I should have gotten a close up of all the damage.
Hopey before. She need another inch to donate to Locks of Love again (the girl could have cut another inch) but was able to donate it to Pantene.

Ellie afterward. She looks so grown up in a cute little bob.

She LOVES it. She thinks she is SOOO big!

Hopey afterward. She told the lady exactly how she wanted it and I just sat back and let her do it. She LOVES hers too.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Blessing weekend.

Tweebs parents were able to fly out and celebrate Treys blessing day with us. They arrived on Thursday Feb. 5th and stayed until Monday morning. We had alot of fun. They have been out twice before, so we didn't need to do much sight seeing and were able to just hang out. Tweeb and Craig took the girls to a daddy daughter dance on Saturday. The girls all got crowns and flowers and they took pictures of them too.

Doing the Limbo

I asked later if Grandpa did his beloved moon walk but I am still waiting on the answer????

Sunday after the blessing Tweeb was singing at the Commodore and so we all went to watch him. He did such a good job!

We blessed Trey on Sunday February 7th. Tweeb did an amazing job and Trey was so good for the whole thing too. I think he looks so handsome in his blessing outfit. Grandma and Grandpa buy all the grandkids blessing clothes and they did good....once again, thanks guys!

After the blessing at the church house.

After the blessing we came back home and Grandma made us a wonderful dinner of Roast Beef, mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, rolls, salad and carrotts. This is Tweebs favorite thing his mom makes and so she told him she would make it for him when they came out. It was delicious, Thanks Grandma!!

Here are the three Craig Owen Gladwells.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Turning 33 on 3-3

Happy 33rd Birthday Tweeb!
We love you!
This years birthday is kindof cool for Tweeb. His favorite number is 33 (that was his basketball number). Anyways, he also loves the combination number of 1033 (baseball number and basketball number) so this year he is turning 33 on 3-3-10. We were talking last night and realized that his third child will be turning 3 this year too.