Friday, December 24, 2010

Random pictures

My friend took these pictures and emailed them to me so I thought I would share them :)
This is Hope reciting her part at the Living Wax Museum. The 4th graders had to pick a person in history, learn about them and write a one min. speech about them in 1st person. Then they had to dress like them and they had a "button" on their hand so when you pushed it, they came alive and told you about themselves. Hope was a pilgrim named John. She did such a good job. They did it in the gym and the whole school was able to go and see it at different times. It turned out really cute. Good job Hopey!

This is Ellies dance Christmas Party and they got to wear Christmas pajamas. They performed a cute little Christmas dance. She is doing so well and is a cute little dancer.

This is our little Trey Man all bundled up. I wish you could see his eyes because they just pop with that blue beanie on. He is growing up so fast and is keeping us busy by getting into absolutely EVERYTHING! He hardly even crawls anymore he just walks wherever he needs to go. We sure do enjoy him.

I feel bad that I don't have a picture of little miss Mya. We are going to our friends for Christmas dinner so I will have to have Sharron take a picture of her for me so I can post one.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Where does the time go?

It is hard to believe that eleven years ago today, Tweeb and I were married. It is sooo crazy to think about. If you would have told me then, that 11 years later I would live in Nashville and have 4 children, I would have told you that you were crazy! However, we love it here and wouldn't have it any other way. No matter where I am, as long as I am with him then I am happy.
Happy Anniversary Tweeb, I love you!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dear Santa!

Dear Santa,
I haven't been able to post pictures (or take pictures for that matter) in quite a while. Our family has had birthdays and holidays without a camera because one of my children stepped on mine, no one will fess up but I am sure you know who it was:). Don't be to hard on them though, they really are good kids. Sooo, Santa will you please bring me a nice, new camera for Christmas. I have been extra good!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mya's 3 year stats.

Height: 37 inches...48%
Weight: 30lb....42%
Mya is doing great. She is super shy around anyone new (she gets that from me, I was the same way when I was little). She LOVES to play barbies and dress up and takes a purse with her wherever she goes. She likes to put tights or soft pants on her head and pretends they are ponytails. Hey, when you don't have much hair you have to She still absolutely loves Dora and watches it every morning when she wakes up. Her newest thing is she loves to hide things. If I cant find something I can usually find it in the butcher block, under the bathroom sink, in her shopping cart or in her purse. What a silly girl! She has such a sweet little thing and has such a kind heart.

6 month stats.

Height: 26 3/4 in....55%
Weight: 19lb. 5oz.....75%
Head: 43.7 cm.....43%

He is doing AWESOME and the Dr. says he is super STRONG (his daddy thinks thats cool). He army crawls everywhere and is sitting great. He is sooo close to crawling and pulled up to the chair the other day (mom does NOT think that is cool, she wants him to stay little forever).

Mya's Birthday!

Mya's Birthday was on the 7th of June and she turned 3.
We let her open her swimming suit in the morning because we were meeting friends at the pool for her Birthday.

After the pool we came home and had cake and ice cream and opened presents. She wanted a Dora cake so Annie decorated her cake for her. It turned out so cute and she LOVED it.

She was pretty insitant about inviting her nursery leader to her party and so we We are in a small branch so we are all friends anyways but I just thought it was funny. That is Sister Wilson in the back ground.

She had a wonderful day and loved all of her gifts. Thank You everyone!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010




Nuff Said!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Horrific experience.

I was coming back home yesterday from Walmart and witnessed something horrible. I was waiting to turn right and a big black truck ran a red light and hit a motorcyclist. I wont get into any details but needless to say I was very thankful my children didn't see. I cried the whole way home and thinking about it gets me teary eyed. The scariest thing is...I was going to turn left to go to the dollar store but decided last second not to because Hope was going to be getting off the bus and I didn't want to miss her. Thankfully I listened to the prompting or my 3 youngest and I could have been included in that horrible accident. It just made me realize how your whole life can change in a half a second and how dumb it is to be so grouchy because my house isn't as clean as I want it. I am still shaken up about it and it is something I will not soon forget. Tell your loved ones you love them and give them extra hugs and kisses, I know I will.

First food.

We started to feed Trey rice cereal this week and he LOVES it! He ate the whole bowl. The girls would only eat a few bites the first time but he took to it like a champ. From the looks of things he needs some extra calories because he is severely malnutritioned.....ha ha! I wish I would have gotten a picture of his legs, they get stuck in the I love, love, love this chubby little man!!

I have a 9 year old!

Can you believe that we have a 9 year old!! I can't! This year for her birthday, I decided to let her have a sleepover with 4 of her friends. They had SOOO much fun! Some of the girls did not go to sleep until 4:00 in the morning. Needless to say, Hope had a 3 hour nap the next day. It was alot of fun....LOUD...but fun.

Mackenzie, Kinber, Malarie and Hope. Kendall had already left before I could get a picture of all of them.

This is the cake that I decorated in 5 min. (literally). It is made of fruit by the foot and fruit snacks. I was planning on making her a fondant cake for her real birthday on Monday and cupcakes for her class that day too, so I figured I was good. However, Ellie asked Hope the night before the party what kind of cake they were eating at her birthday party and Hope politely said....we are not having cake (pause) thats kind of weird not to have cake at your birthday party.....soooooo I hurried and whipped this up while she was at school. She was very surprised and happy about it.

Here she is on her real birthday with her real birthday cake.

My friend Annie and I made this cake. It was my first fondant cake ever and I thought it turned out super cute. Thanks Annie for the help!

Hope had asked for a scrapbooking kit for her birthday so she got it and some clothes from us. The Shaws and G. George gave her some super cute clothes too. She was in desperate need of some summer clothes. My Mom gave her the cutest little birthstone necklace with her name engraved on it and G & G Gladwell gave her a Visa gift card. She thought that was AWESOME and thought she was super cool using it too....funny kid! Thank you so much everyone. She LOVED everything!!
Happy Birthday Hopey. We LOVE You!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Storm!

As many of y'all know we have experienced heavy rains the last 2 days which has caused massive flooding in the entire Nashville area. We all knew the storm was coming and even as it started raining early Saturday we thought nothing of it. During the Spring and Fall we have become accustom to storm watches, tornado watches, and even tornado warnings. Precisely in that order. I was scheduled to work Saturday night at the theatre so I left our house at 4pm. It is about a 30mile commute. I was only able to get about 10 miles out of town when I discovered the roads were closed due to bridges being flooded over and trees blocking the roads. After discovering that all other routes were either closed or too dangerous to cross I went back home.
I made a few trips to the grocery store to stock up on essentials. We've laughed in the past at locals who whenever they hear there might be snow they head to the store and stock up on bread, milk, and toilet paper. I found myself making these same purchases:)
There was a tornado warning in Fairview that night for about 30 minutes. We went to our tornado room (bathroom:)) and listened to the radio until they said it had passed. No touchdown of tornado was ever recorded. All they ever can do is monitor the wind speed and its directions mixed with the temperature and see if the formula could possibly create a tornado. Luckily there were none reported touching down in all of Nashville.
We finally slept listening to the rain pound down on the roofs and cement. I woke up at 5am. The news broadcasters with urgency in their voices were telling people to stay home. People the day before had drowned in their cars trying to pass through standing water, in many instances the road was no longer there and had lost it's stand against the force of water like so many other objects had.
Our church was cancelled and we tried to stay in touch with our friends and members by txt since we couldn't get enough service to connect a call. At about 7 or 8am I helped a neighbor who lives below us get his belongings off the floor. We tried stacking his furniture on objects some only a few more inches higher but anything was better than keeping them in their place. I tried to be the calm one as I spoke to neighbors assuring them we'd be ok. It was hard however when we"d see on the news of apt. buildings being evacuated & their cars were floating away.
We stayed put but didn"t know how the roads looked just past the trees. The rain drenched us like millions of hoses hanging strait from the sky with no break for breath. It was odd because when we would look outside thinking it wasn't raining it was actually raining like it typically would (which is still pretty heavy). As soon as the sky would tease us with a color other than grey we would see lightning and directly following it was thunder as to rip through the sky like a big bully.
We lost power around 8am & were concerned how long it would be off. The kids were awesome and only when the thunder would shake did they come to us for reasurance. This was surely the longest day of my life! Constant check ups on neighbors around us became habitual. Occasinally we would see someone outside as if they wanted to make sure it was not a dream and touch it. As some of our neighbors were leaving to go to close family the rain had pretty much stopped. This was 8pm.
We ventured out hestitantly to our friends Adrian and Annie who last we talked to had power. We took the food that needed to be cooked and our phone chargers. They did in fact have power. The rest of town was dark and doors left open to stores and buildings. It was like the town had been abandoned. Adrian was mostly upset the cable was not working:) We stayed there after eating and the kids played. We tried to make multiple calls but no success. AT&T had lost all connection and Verizon was very limited.
On our way to our apt. one of our neighbors gave us a few candles, we had only 1 flashlight. The girls slept to the side of the bed and Trey and us in our bed. We finally fell asleep with sticky skin around 10pm. Danyette woke me up at 11:20pm to turn off all the things that were on when the power went out. Not sure it was really happening I bounced through the place excitedly turning off tv's and lights. I turned on the AC and went back to sleep.
We are extremely grateful that we are safe and have power. It will be a long time before Nashville will be back to normal. Drinking water is safe and is expected to stay that way with conservative use. Fairview as a whole was not badly affected because we are not as close to rivers and streams as the other cities. The flooding experienced was directly from rain fall not stream or river overflow. Now begins the process of rebuilding and service. We hope we can help those so dramatically affected by this bastard of a storm!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

4 month stats.

Height: 25 3/4 inches (75%)
Weight: 15 lb. 14 oz. (65%)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter at the Beach!

For Easter this year we decided last minute to go to the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was about a 9 hour drive so we left Saturday at 4:30 in the morning. The Easter Bunny found out somehow and came early and brought all the kids sand buckets, toys, goggles etc. When we arrived we checked into the hotel and got ready for the beach. The weather was WONDERFUL, not to hot, not to cold, perfect to just hang outside in ALL day. After the beach we ate at a restaurant called Lamberts Home of the Thrown Roll, thanks to Adrian and Annies suggestion. It was soooo yummy, they go around with hot homemade rolls....and you guessed it....they throw them to you. We all loved it!

This is the girls in the car at one of our stops, we were about an hour away at this point.

In the hotel, ready to head to the beach.

I caught Mya hiding in here. She cracks me up.

Mommy and Trey hanging out on the white sandy beach. The sand was so soft and fun to play in. You had to take your flip flops off to walk because you would just sink. Oh how I wish I was there right now.

Tweeb and the girls checking out the water.

Trey and daddy. Don't you just love Treys pink hat? It was the one we brought for Mya but I needed to keep the sun out of his eyes somehow.

Building sandcastles

Ellie just hanging out in the shallow water.

Hope and Ellie. Hope loved the water the most, she was so cute and never stopped playing. Mya enjoyed the sand and Ellie played hard both days and then was ready to go back to the hotel to SWIM...silly girl!

This picture is priceless because Trey HATED the beach and this is how he looked 99% of the time.

What is a trip to the beach if you dont bury each other in the sand?

Miss Mya just hanging out with mom playing in the sand.

Hope and Mya

Ellie and Trey both fell asleep on my lap and it was hard to get Hope and Mya to leave. We ended up only spending Saturday night there and then leaving to go home late Sunday. We made it home in 8 hours because Trey only woke up once the whole way home. The kids rode sooo well so maybe now we will dare to take some more road trips. It was so much fun and we hope to make this a new Easter tradition.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Big Boy!

"You want some of this" I know thats what he is saying to me and yes, yes I do. How can I resist those chubby little cheeks. He is growing so quickly and is such a happy baby. We just LOVE him to pieces.

Hair Cuts

The story: In January Ellie cut her own hair, she cut a big piece right at the crown of her head and it ended up being about an inch long. I was able to disquise it by pulling her hair in a pony tail. As most of you know, this poor girl is barely getting hair so I was upset to say the least. Well, not to long later Mya had her hair in piggies and cut them off then she proceeded to cut Ellies hair as well....twice! Then Ellie fell asleep with gum in her hair and I had to cut it out. The poor thing had 4 different lengths of hair, I HAD to take her to get it professionally taken care of (I was able to fix Myas). When Hope knew that we were going to get Ellies hair cut she wanted to get hers done too. So off we went.
Ellie before, I should have gotten a close up of all the damage.
Hopey before. She need another inch to donate to Locks of Love again (the girl could have cut another inch) but was able to donate it to Pantene.

Ellie afterward. She looks so grown up in a cute little bob.

She LOVES it. She thinks she is SOOO big!

Hopey afterward. She told the lady exactly how she wanted it and I just sat back and let her do it. She LOVES hers too.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Blessing weekend.

Tweebs parents were able to fly out and celebrate Treys blessing day with us. They arrived on Thursday Feb. 5th and stayed until Monday morning. We had alot of fun. They have been out twice before, so we didn't need to do much sight seeing and were able to just hang out. Tweeb and Craig took the girls to a daddy daughter dance on Saturday. The girls all got crowns and flowers and they took pictures of them too.

Doing the Limbo

I asked later if Grandpa did his beloved moon walk but I am still waiting on the answer????

Sunday after the blessing Tweeb was singing at the Commodore and so we all went to watch him. He did such a good job!

We blessed Trey on Sunday February 7th. Tweeb did an amazing job and Trey was so good for the whole thing too. I think he looks so handsome in his blessing outfit. Grandma and Grandpa buy all the grandkids blessing clothes and they did good....once again, thanks guys!

After the blessing at the church house.

After the blessing we came back home and Grandma made us a wonderful dinner of Roast Beef, mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, rolls, salad and carrotts. This is Tweebs favorite thing his mom makes and so she told him she would make it for him when they came out. It was delicious, Thanks Grandma!!

Here are the three Craig Owen Gladwells.