Monday, February 23, 2009

New Branch!

About a month ago we were split off into our own branch. Here is a picture of all of us on the first Sunday. We are obviously very very small but we are very excited to be a part of it. We are really excited for the missionary opportunity this brings us. Our branch is the smallest area geografically in the Nashville mission, which says alot about the people here. They have been wanting this for some time and we are glad we are some of the numbers that allowed this to happen. Tweeb has been called as 1st counselor in the Melchezedic Priesthood Group which includes the Elders and High Priests. He was also called to be on the Activity Board to represent the Young Adults. My new callings are Nursery Leader and Enrichment Leader. Right now I am planning and organizing the Relief Society Birthday Party. It is quite fun and a calling that I think I will really enjoy.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Class Valentine's

Here are the Valentine's that Hope made for her class. They are iPods (Thanks for the cute idea K'Brina). They are made by covering a box of Sweethearts and then covering two Reese's peanut butter cups with tinfoil. To my surprise Hope asked everyone in her class what their favorite color was and so we tried to make their iPod accordingly. I was just going to do pink for the girls and blue for the boys. I should have known that Hope would come up with her own idea...she LOVES projects! She decided on the patterned paper and I think they turned out cute. We had every color imaginable but here are just a few.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Addison!

Happy Birthday Addison, we hope you have a wonderful day. We love and miss you!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date!

Tweeb decided to take Hope on a Daddy Daughter Date. They went to dinner at a restaurant called the Loveless Cafe. Hope was being so cute. While Tweeb was still at work she had a shower and wanted me to blow dry her her out. She also convinced me to let her wear a little bit of my makeup too. She picked out her dress and made sure she had a black clutch to match. It was of course filled with lip gloss and all other girly things. She was so excited to go and had a great time.

This is them before they left.
The is them at the restaurant. We have never eaten at this restaurant but had heard good things about it so Tweeb decided to try it out. The funny thing is that before we moved here there was a Throwdown with Bobby Flay in Nashville for biscuits on T.V. and I recorded it because I was thinking we could try it out when we got here (however it got erased). The lady that makes the biscuits is called the biscuit lady and has been on Martha Stewart and other shows. She also makes her own jam to go with the biscuits. Well the point I am getting at is that the restaurant she works at is the Loveless cafe. Tweeb came home saying that the biscuits were good and they had homemade jam. I immediately remembered the episode and went to the Food Network website and watched the video of the Throwdown to see if it was the same place and sure enough it was. How ironic! I will definitely be going to try them out for myself.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentines Tag

Answer the questions about your sweetheart…

*What is your husband’s name? Craig Owen Gladwell II or Tweeb
*How long have you been married? 9 years
*How long did you date? 10 months
*How old is he? 31, 32 next month
*Who eats more sweets? I used to until I started to lose weight. He is not a big "sweets" eater.
*Who said I love you first? He did.
*Who is taller? Tweeb
*Who can sing best? I think that is a given.
*Who is smarter? Depends on the situation.
*Who does laundry? Both. He usually washes and dries it and i usually fold and put it away.
*Who pays bills? We both do.
*Who sleeps on the right side? He does.
*Who mows the lawn? He does, I have not mowed a lawn sinse we have been married.
*Who cooks dinner? I do.
*Who drives? He does unless he is tired.
*Who is first to admit they are wrong? Hmmm, we are probably equal on this one.
*Who kissed who first? He kissed me.
*Who asked who out first? He did, it was the Homecoming dance at Snow College.
*Who wears the pants? It totally depends on the situation but were are pretty equal on this one too.

Happy Valentine's Day Tweeb, I love you!!

Now, I tag ANYONE who feels like it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sick Baby!

My poor baby has pneumonia in her right lung and has to be on this nebulizer every 6 hours. She has double ear infections and is on a strong antibiotic for that and her pneumonia and she is also on a steroid. I feel so bad for her, I knew she didn't feel good over the weekend but I would have never thought that it was this bad. She is so good to do the treatments, she just sits there until she is done.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Party!

We went to our friends Ken and Carries for the Super Bowl. They fed us Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches...yum! We had a medley of yummy dips, chips, desserts and wings too. There were 20 of us there. The girls just love it over there. They have girls all of my girls ages, so it makes it fun. I did not get very many pictures but here are some that I did get.
Mya and Daddy just hanging out watching the big game.

Hope, Kendyl and Ellie. Hope and Kendyl love hanging out together. They are so funny. They will actually be able to be baptized together too. Both of their birthdays are in May. This is a friendly game of ping pong between Ken and Jared. Carrie actually beat everyone, including the men. She was taunting Tweeb while doing it. I thought it was pretty funny.

The girls ended up stairs for most of it. This is Annie, she was refusing to get her picture taken because she is 7 months pregnant (she looks good huh), but I told her to smile because I was taking it anyways. She is going to be thrilled that she is on the ya Annie!!
This is the hostess...Carrie, just hanging out in the kitchen. Thanks Ken and Carrie for the fun time, we had a blast!